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Laimon Fresh in UK. Consumer`s opinion / Company News / 21.06.2013

Laimon Fresh was launched in UK in spring 2013 and was highly appreciated by the British. Don’t take our word for it, check out yourselves!
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Laimon Fresh Still – a new trend in still drinks category / Company News / 07.09.2012

GreenMe AG has introduced a light version of its best selling brand Laimon fresh. Laimon fresh still is 100% natural still drink without sugar. Since new Laimon Fresh is based on fructose, it does not contain sugar. Nevertheless it is still...
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Red Grass launch / Company News / 09.07.2012

GreenMe AG (Switzerland) launched a new soft drink- Red Grass with the taste of juice and notes of spices. Red Grass is a new soft drink similar in taste to mulled wine made using only natural ingredients. Red Grass stands out from the range of...
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GreenMe AG brands in the Middle East / Company News / 25.10.2011

From now on Laimon fresh is available in a major world financial center and tourism destination- Dubai (UAE). You can easily find our long-awaited soft drink in Carrefour- one of the largest hypermarket chains in the world. We expect the pace...
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Greenice Ice Tea / Company News / 18.03.2011

We are excited to announce the launch of a new drink on the russian market - ice tea Greenice. We had a chance to participate in the development of the drink's formula and plan to constantly monitor the quality of the product to ensure only...
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